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Who else wants to learn my simple four step secret formula that gets you bigger affiliate checks?

You're going to love this.

I've discovered a simple four-step way to get bigger affiliate checks and make it worth a little of my time to promote other peoples products.

And in the next few minutes I'll tell you exactly what those four steps are, and how you can apply this formula right away.

Three facts that led to this amazing discovery...

Fact #1 - There are thousands of individuals selling products on the Internet. Just look at the Clickbank market place and you'll find thousands and that's only one payment processor.

Fact #2 - A vast number of those selling good products and have an affiliate program don't pull many (if any) orders because their sales page is a pile of horse doodoo.

Fact #3 - No one in their right mind is going to drive traffic to those bad sites, because the sales page can't possibly convert many prospects.

How to turn those three simple facts into a MASSIVE advantage...

Think about this for a moment; If you could promote great products that 90% of affiliates aren't interested in, but you could do it in such a way that people would WANT to buy them - you'd have virtually no competition.

Read on and I'll show you how to do exactly that.

But first let me tell you how this came about...

For a long time I was frustrated as hell. I could see the potential behind these facts, but I just couldn't see a way of reaping a benefit.

It drove me nuts.

There was a big problem, with a huge potential if it could be solved - but I had no clue HOW.

Then one day I was walking my dog, and not thinking of anything in particular, and BANG! This crazy little idea popped into my head.

At the time I had no idea if it would work, but I rushed home and tried it out.

It worked! A few weeks later I'd refined it and boiled it all down to a simple formula so I could repeat the same success over and over with different products.

My simple four step formula...EXPOSED!

Listen carefully. In the next few short paragraphs I'm going to tell you exactly what this formula is, how it works and how it will put money in your bank.

Step one: Find good products that have terrible sales pages.
And because the sales page is terrible, its a certainty the product owner isn't selling many (if any). So when you merely show an interest in promoting the product, nine times out of ten they'll send you a copy to look at for FREE.

Step two:Use a simple and proven formula to create a sales page that will work. This isn't as hard as you might think - and I'll give you (yes, for free) an excellent report by a top copywriter that shows how to take duff sales copy and turn it into gold.

Step three: Use my secret SIAYO web page template.
This is the part you'll be amazed at. My SIAYO code is a clever set of web page templates (don't worry, you don't have to be an HTML expert to use them) that you use to display an alternate sales page instead of the ghastly one written by the product owner, but you still get your commission on every sale. The product owner doesn't even have to be aware you are doing this. Its like having stealth technology working for you!

Step four: Promote your special SIAYO web pages.
No big secret here, simply promote it like you promote regular affiliate links. But the really cool part is that your SIAYO pages can rank highly in the search engines. Another way you'll get more traffic and more orders.

What is SIAYO, and what are its other benefits?

My SIAYO templates are the backbone to this formula.

SIAYO stands for 'Sell It As Your Own', because in effect - that's what it lets you do.

I'll explain...

When you promote a product through an affiliate program, the traditional way is to simply send the prospect to the affiliate product web site. While you can earn nice commissions, at the same time you are giving away prospects to the product owner.

When you really stop and think what you are losing out on, its enough to make you vomit...

When you advertise that affiliate link, what happens when a sale isn't made?

The prospect has still been to the sales site. And the chances are (if the site is good and does its job well), the owner has done everything they can to get the prospect to part with their contact information.

So now that product owner can market to that individual, and sell them other products and services - and who gets the commission on those? Not you.

So in other words you have spent your time and money on getting a prospect to a web site, but its the site owner who gets to do ALL the follow up marketing and make all the back end money.

Hardly fair is it?

SIAYO levels the playing field (if not totally, by quite a bit)...

When you start promoting affiliate products using my simple four step formula, the prospect is actually visiting YOUR web page. This means it's YOU who gets to capture the email addresses for follow up marketing.

You are literally making sales as if you owned the product.

It's YOU who gets the e-zine or newsletter subscribers.

It's YOU who gets to sell back-end products and put even more money in your pocket.

Isn't that how it should be?

When I wrote up my formula in a special report which I titled 'The Serious Edge', it would have been easy to explain the formula and give you the templates and stop there.

But I didn't.

Because I realized that there are a number of FATAL mistakes that affiliates make on a daily basis. They are blissfully unaware that they're making the mistakes and wonder why they're not making as much money as others.

Seven Reasons Affiliates don't make enough money...

1) They try to promote the SAME products as everyone else.
Why compete with thousands of others when you can pick a high demand product that none of the others have bothered to find yet (and if they have found it they won't promote it because the sales page sucks)?

2) They take the advice of the program owner as gospel. Sadly many program owners are hindering their affiliates (most don't even know it). They tell you to slap standard banners up and use their badly written sample ads, and most affiliates blindly follow and expect them to work.

3) They promote the WRONG products - and don't even know it.

4) They give away their traffic and back-end opportunities.
Belive me, when you realize how many subscribers and email addresses you capture for follow up when you use this formula... you'll kick yourself for not finding out about it sooner.

5) They take what they think is the easy way to big bucks.
There are easier ways to do things, but on the road to real profit there will always be some work involved. Would you rather spend a few more minutes on each thing you need to do if it increased your profits dramatically? Of course you would.

6) They don't realize that it only takes 10 minutes to do things RIGHT. The one thing those who have read this report often tell me is that they had no idea just how straight forward this formula is to apply. You don't have to be an expert at HTML, writing or any of that stuff.

7) They don't know the BIG THREE steps you must take to pull in big checks. When your done reading this report you will know what the 'Big Three steps' are and you'll be on your way to more orders and bigger profits.

So when I wrote this report, I made sure I covered all of that too - and a lot more besides.

The result is a simple to follow guide that's valuable to the seasoned affiliate marketer as well as the the novice whose never promoted a thing before.

No fluff or filler, and no hype. Just an easy to follow, easy to use, boiled down formula for making serious profits from promoting affiliate programs.

Look at your watch.

In just 5 minutes from now you can be reading this formula and by this time tomorrow you could be putting it to work for you.

How much does it cost?

The real question is 'how much is it costing you right now every time you promote a product?' If you are promoting in the traditional ways, you are competing with hundreds or thousands of other affiliates, and you're giving away your follow up opportunities, and what about link hi-jacking?

I could easily have asked $67 for just the template code I created.

But your not going to pay anywhere near that.


Because I wanted to set this product up at a price that's affordable and will pay for itself THE FIRST TIME you use it.

Therefore you get everything I've outlined for a one time payment of just...

$47 $27

But wait...

I want to make sure that you have all the tools and information you need to really make this work. So I'm also giving you the following awesome bonus items when you order my report today.

Valuable Free Bonus #1
Twenty Three red-hot software tools.

This bonus is actually a double-whammy for you. I included them because many of them are exceptionally helpful when it comes to setting up the SIAYO pages. But the extra bonus is that these come with FULL RESALE RIGHTS.

Here's what's included...

  • Instant Unzip - This small, easy to use program walks you step-by-step through the process of Unzipping a ZIP file you have received. A must have utility!
  • HTML Compressor - Compress the size of your HTML files (web pages) so they take up less space, bandwidth and also so they can't be viewed as easily by others.
  • IP Blocker - Protect yourself against a new type of annoying pop up spam message called IP Ads that can be sent directly to your computer anytime while you are online.
  • Link Evaluator - A great tool that checks the link popularity of your web site in various search engines to see how many sites are linking to you.
  • Site Submitter - Automatically Submit Your Site to many Search Engines. Helps keep your site listed in the search engines. Has an update feature to stay current.
  • Pop Up Zapper - This wonderful program watches your web browser to prevent any of those pesky Pop-Up Ads from popping up (for Internet Explorer 5 and 6).
  • Secret Popup Maker - This is a great tool to create Pop-Up ads that will appear at timed intervals AFTER a person has left you web site! Very clever!
  • HTML E-mail Link Encrypter - Helps protect your E-mail address from spammers by encrypting it on your web pages so it can't be easily snatched or read by them.
  • File Destroyer - Writes over a file you want to delete several times to make sure it is really gone. Used to prevent "prying eyes" from recovering files you have deleted.
  • Internet Explorer Blaster - View and erase individual cookies in your browser. Also view and clean your website browsing history so others can't see where you've been!
  • MRU Wizard - Scan your computer for the most recently run files then choose the ones you want to clean up. Prevent others from seeing what files you have opened.
  • Java Source Machine I - Generate 15 customized JavaScripts for use in web pages: Blur Text, Multi-Search Engine Search, Page Fade-In, Flying Text, Alerts on Load & Unload, No Spam E-mail, Number Countdown, Refresh/Redirect, Dictionary and Thesaurus, Exit Window, Pop Up Window with Auto Close, Jumping Text, Link Message, Type-in Status Bar & Status Bar Wiper.
  • Java Source Machine II - Generate 12 customized JavaScripts for use in web pages: Dynamic Title Bar, Week Day Image, Date and Time Stamp, Disable Right Clicking on Web Page, Expanding Window, Random Page, Browser Information, Referrer, Write and Slide, Confirm Entry, Welcome Cookie & Marquee.
  • Traffic Wizard - Generate 10 customized JavaScripts for use in web pages to help increase traffic: Break Frames, Bookmark Us!, E-mail This Page, Set Homepage, Logo Branding, Frameless Popup, Browser Entry, Language, Avenue Search & Popup Page.
  • Password Manager - Never forget a password again! Store your usernames, passwords and where to use them. Encrypted file. Password protected program.
  • JavaScript Compressor - Removes all unwanted spaces, line feeds and extra characters out of a JavaScript file to make it as small as possible.
  • HTML Encryptor - Encrypts your web page so it is unreadable by human eyes trying to view the source code. Has various features to protect page elements from theft.
  • Fast HTML Remover - Quickly removes most of the HTML codes from a web page and leaves only the text. Useful for extracting the text from a HTML document.
  • Password Generator - Generates random passwords to your specifications. Helps eliminate using easy to guess passwords which are less secure.
  • File Splitter - Breaks a large file down into smaller files so they can be easily be sent via E-mail or on floppy disks, and reassembles the smaller files into the original file.
  • HTML Editor - A great web based visual HTML Editor that you can put up on your web site or sell to others, so you or your web site visitors can edit HTML files.
  • Picture Gallery Maker - This tool easily makes picture gallery web pages to display a group of your photos on the web with optional thumbnail graphic images.
  • Instant Notification - A great program you can distribute to your web site visitors that provides instant updates of any news, new products, software updates or any other message you want to get out to them. The possibilities are endless! Use for software sites, sales sites, news/sports sites, announcements, church/club sites, daily reminders, etc. Also available "branded" to point directly to your site's content.

All with full rights, use them, sell them, do with them what you like!

Valuable Free Bonus #2
Joe Vitale's Hypnotic Marketing Interviews.

When it comes to good marketing, learn from an expert. This is a complete interview in PDF format with Joe Vitale. And you get full resale rights to it.

Valuable Free Bonus #3
The Pay-per-text Marketing System.

This awesome report reveals exactly how to boost your affiliate commissions even further using Pay-Per-Text marketing. It's a $17 value and is included FREE when you order today.

Valuable Free Bonus #4
The secret process used by the world's best copywriters to turn any ad into a goldmine.

REVEALED! The Incredible Secrets Of A Rebel Australian Copywriter Who Turns 'Do-Nothing' Ads Into Money-Making Machines In Less Than 30 Minutes!

This report and audio presentation sells on its own for $39.95, you get it included FREE when you order the Serious Edge report.

This is an ideal bonus because you will be able take bad sales sites and turn them around with this 30 minute system and then use my SIAYO code to create a sales machine that will suck in orders like a tornado.


  • REVEALED! 8 "killer" headlines (adaptable to any business) to get your advertising response taking off like a 747

  • The underlying master principle EVERY business owner MUST know in order to create powerful money-making advertising

  • The critical way to present your advertising that will have prospects flocking to your business and desperate to become a PAYING customer (and surprise ... surprise -- virtually NO one uses this amazing technique)

  • The magic number of people you need to test a promotion on, in order to know whether you've got a failure on your hands ... or a BOOMING success (before you spend thousands of dollars!)

  • The best way to layout an ad for maximum response

  • An astonishingly simple way to break through any prospect's suspicions in an instant and have them call you NOW! (This tool becomes your amazing "selling machine" and a powerful marketing weapon to blow your competitors out of the water)

  • See how Brett re-strategizes Mr Purser's whole marketing approach within a few minutes and has him gasping in amazement at all the extra money he's going to make

  • Powerful questions you can use in your copy that get prospects reaching for the phone or their wallet! (These are the proven copy techniques that no copywriter ever reveals - that's because they usually form the backbone of their success ... but Brett reveals everything - with no hesitation - so you can use them for your own profit!)

  • A secret 2-word phrase you can use to excite your customer and make your bullets come alive (literally bopping your prospect on the nose and forcing them to take notice!)

  • The truth about what advertising really is (and the trap no business owner can afford to fall into if they want to make huge sales)

  • Discover what Brett says you should NEVER be afraid to do in your marketing (and chances are you're scared s---less of it!)
  • Remember, this one bonus sells for $39.95 (and is worth way more), and you get it when you invest in a copy of 'The Serious Edge' for just $27.

    But we're not done yet!

    Because when you get your serious edge access code, you will also get...

    Super Bonus #5
    The right to re-sell this report and earn $19 on every sale you make - PAID INSTANTLY!

    This product has a 'get paid instantly' affiliate program. When an order is taken, the payment is collected in two stages. The first stage is a $19 that goes to the affiliate, and the second is an $8 admin fee that comes to us.

    When you order your copy of this report and all the bonus items for just $27, you can join the affiliate program and get $19 payments made direct to your paypal whenever someone that you refer orders. (you need a paypal business or premier account for this, this is a simple paypal upgrade and is available to most countries. Please check with Paypal if you are outside of the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom to ensure your country supports this feature)

    Click Here to order now (your payment will be collected in two stages, 1st a payment of $19 to the affiliate who referred you, and then an $8 admin fee to us), upon completion of payment, we will email you an access code and full instructions (usually within 15 mins).

    Don't hate yourself for losing out on bigger affiliate checks, this one time investment of just $27 can turn your affiliate marketing around.


    Hiya, Andy

    I just finished reading through the serious edge material, and it looks great! I'll be trying it out in the next few days, but even before I try it I wanted to write and thank you.

    Your material is unique, creative, and makes a lot of sense. Unlike many of your readers, I DO know how to code web pages, and your solution to the problem is actually pretty darned elegant. Do I want to sell it? Darned right! Is it worth the $27 dollars you're introing it for? way more! If someone doesn't already have your bonuses, those are good as well, and by themselves are worth way more than your intro price.

    A pitch - and the product - really have to move me to get me to write the author - congratulations, you've succeeded.

    Greg Burton www.60k.net

    Click Here to Order Now

    If you want to know more about how the get paid instantly affiliate program works then please click here.

    Kind regards,

    Andy Brocklehurst

    P.S. The bonuses alone if purchased on their own would cost you more than $27. You cannot lose!

    P.P.S Remember, all the code examples you need are included too - all in easy cut/paste boxes. I really have gone out of my way to make this easy to implement.

    Don't get left behind - Order Now.

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